Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do ?

We are a publisher : we own, manage et monetize a dozen of websites. Those websites are about new products, free samples, good deals and other consumption related topics. We make our money thanks to the ads we can present to our audience.

The content on our website is obviously free, and does not require any subscription. However, we encourage our users to subscribe to our emailing program. This way they will receive some content via email: alerts about new free sample available, advertisement, newsletter, etc.

What kind of company are we ?

We are a small company of around 25 people founded in 2012. We are based in the city of Bordeaux in France. You can find some typical administrative information here. We are a decentralized company in the sense that each website has its own team, code base and strategy. We prefer to have one or two person doing a bit of everything on one site (content, design, marketing, sales, etc.) instead of having some experts deciding on one subject for all our websites. This is nothing more than a personal choice, and there are of course pros and cons to this kind of organization.

Where does your audience comes from/how do you get to send so many emails ?

Our audience is built through advertising: we advertise significantly on facebook, adwords and on other media networks of the web to promote our websites. All these ads drive a steady traffic stream to our subscription pages, where users are invited to fill a form with their personal information and email. Once registered, a user will receive emails associated to the registered website and some advertisements if the user previously accepted it. In the end, our audience is as big as our investments in advertising are.

How do you handle data ?

We respect our users privacy: A large portion of our audience relies on emails we send. We make sure our users can easily unsubscribe from those emails in one click. As we send many emails, we also want to make sure a user who does not read our emails gets automatically unsubscribed after a certain period of inactivity.

As a french company since 2012, we have always been subject to a strong set of rules around data treatment. The “CNIL” (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) is the french governmental organization in charge of protecting the privacy of users on the internet.  CNIL has always pushed strong directives regarding data protection, way before the GDPR.

Even though france had strong rules related to data protection, 2-30 Media strictly followed the guidance of GDPR and made all necessary changes in order to be compliant. 

2-30 Media is also a member of the CPA, the french association for digital marketing players.

Why are your websites poor in design ?

2-30 Media hasn’t invested enough energy on its websites design, however this is a future goal. In order to make build a website and most importantly get to a level of profitability, we have a long todo list to complete: user acquisition, content creation, data management, emailing, monetization…. as such, design has not been on our list of priorities so far. In addition to that we run a flat organization, where each employee is in charge of all the different aspects of what it takes to run a website. As a result, we don’t have support departments such as web-designers or sales. This is a philosophy which defines 2-30 Media and allowed the company to constantly adapt to a changing environment. That being said, we have decided to improve the design of our websites and will empower our team to achieve it in the near future. .

Why is there so many ads ?

Well our websites are about consumption: free samples, good deals, etc. Thus we mainly talk about products to buy (or to get for free). Some of our content may seem like ads to you. And as we finance our websites through advertisement, there is also a lot of ads. In any case, if this is not the kind of content you are looking for, the experience on our websites and reading our newsletters will be frustrating for sure. If you like our content but don’t want to see the ads, we currently don’t have the solution for you, as advertisement is the only way we found to finance our content.

In any case, if you feel frustrated by the experience we offer, a simple solution would be to find other websites with similar content and unsubscribe from our emails: there is a link at the end of each of them and if you have any issue, feel free to contact  us (dpo /at/ deux-trente . com)

Why did I received an unsolicited email from you ?

First of all, sincere apologies for the inconvenience. If you haven’t unsubscribed yet, please use the unsubscribtion link at the bottom of each email we send. This is the quickest and easiest way to stop receiving the emails of one of our websites. There is also an unsubscription form on all our website has that you can reach via a link at the bottom of each page (it redirects to the RGPD section of the website). Finally, you can send an email to dpo /at/ deux-trente . com to contact us directly, but as we treat those emails manually, it might take a bit longer.

Now, to answer your question: we keep a proof of consent for every user we contact, so in theory, this shouldn’t happen. Still, there might be a few scenario leading to a frustrating experience for some users:

  • Someone might have registered to one of our website with your email address. This can happen when a user fills in a random email, or makes a typo.
  • You might have forgotten… No offense, but some of our users fill out our registration page without realizing that they accept to receive emails.
  • You might have registered to our website on a partner’s website. Let’s say for example that a user participated to a prize competition or a sweepstake. He might have checked a box agreeing to receive our newsletter even though he is not on our website. The sweepstake organizer is then selling these subscriptions to us. This is obviously authorized and legal even though there are few rules to follow, in order not to be deceptive for the user. In short, some users tick the box without paying too much attention, and they might be angry when they receive our emails afterwards.
  • Some technical errors might also happen. An error in the code of one of our partners, or on our side could lead to a bad interpretation of the data we receive. Fortunately it is very rare, and we have put everything in place to detect and correct it very quickly

In any case, once again, sincere apologies and please do not hesitate to contact us (dpo /at/ deux-trente . com) if the problem is not solved, or if you need a more personal answer.